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About us

Currently, KonoPro Company Ltd. is the largest producer of technical hemp in the Czech Republic. We focus on cultivation of registered plants with high levels of CBD. 

We mainly supply to food, beverage and cosmetics industries. 

KonoPro arose as a result of many years of experience and work in the field of cultivation and processing of industrial hemp. Cannabis use has more than a thousand years of tradition in the history of human society. However, we also believe that in this “super-plant” is also hidden a code to improving the quality of life for people in the future.

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What we do

We are dedicated to the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp including advising to those who are interested in industrial cannabis cultivation. In addition our R&D team looks into technologies for harvesting and further processing of hemp. Currently, we are looking at other projects aimed mainly at widening the possibilities of processing and use of industrial cannabis in the Czech but also international business environment.
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We have extensive experience with the growth of cannabis. Within the laboratory and field testing we investigated more than 30 registered varieties. We found varieties suitable for ideal cultivation in our Central European climate and soil conditions in the region, as well as varieties suitable in terms of utility value.

Our cannabis is mainly grown in areas protected landscape area Broumovsko and in locations protected area of ​​Eagle Mountains (Orlické Hory).

We grow on our own, respectively rented, land or on the basis of supply contracts with private farmers and agricultural businesses.

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In the field of processing, we focus on manufacturing of own products and raw materials for further technologically clean, controlled and standardised treatment.

Our main aim is the final purity and quality of the product or raw materials which are meant for additional fabrication.

For this purpose in 2014 we bought a production facility, which we are gradually turning into state-of-the-art laboratory and transform it into a modern technological manufacturing unit.

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In this section you can see the basic documents of our company. If you find some crucial documents were missing, do not hesitate to contact us. We will document required in the form of a copy will be demonstrated.

KonoPro s.r.o.

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Výpis OR.pdf

Výpis z obchodního rejstříku

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Osvědčení ZEM.pdf

Osvědčení o zápisu do evidence zemědělského podnikatele

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Rozhodnutí FÚ.pdf

Rozhodnutí FÚ o registraci k dani z příjmů

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Placement of. Company

Placement of. Company

KonoPro s.r.o. 

Česká Metuje 91

549 56 Česká Metuje


IČ: 02902923

DIČ: CZ02902923



KonoPro s.r.o.

+420 491 541 232 

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Other contacts


Mgr. Aleš Jindra

+420 602 108 267


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